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Sample Menu Plan: July

Sample Menu Plan: July

Each week I sit down and make a plan of what to eat, usually on Mondays. My goal is to avoid the 4pm "What's for dinner?" panic that always sets in and more than one trip to the grocery store each week. My family is experimenting with 3 different diets right now, so things can get a little tricky. I'm doing a modified paleo diet, but also need to cook for a candida diet and those who are only dairy-free too. This week I thought I'd share what we are having to give you an idea of what a typical meal plan looks like.


Soaked oatmeal with coconut milk and sweet potatoes (recipe and method described here)
Eggs in a pepper
Brussel sprout and potato hash
Cereal and almond milk


Roasted sweet potato with pecans
Green salad or turkey sandwich
Roasted beets with orange segments
Leftovers Chicken soup with quinoa pasta and veggies


Sushi (out)
Lemon roast chicken and rice and garlicy spinach
Fried rice with chicken, peas, and carrots
Meatloaf (gluten and sugar-free) with roast potatoes
Home-made turkey sausage with sage, quinoa pancakes (from The Yeast Connection Cookbook)
Chicken and apple hot dogs with home made baked beans (sugar-free)


Raw pecans and walnuts
Beef or turkey jerkey
Apple Cinnamon Oat Muffins
Healthy peanut butter cups
Roasted carrots with balsamic
Steamed edamame
Apples with almond or peanut-butter
Baked apples (with vegan butter and a little maple syrup and pecans and raisins)

Mindfulness using Photography

Mindfulness using Photography

Soaked oatmeal - 2 ways

Soaked oatmeal - 2 ways