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Paleo Kids Summer Recipe: Tuna Wraps

Paleo Kids Summer Recipe: Tuna Wraps

After the Paleo bread was a flop for our tuna sandwiches, I ordered some coconut wraps in the hopes of avoiding our beloved gluten-free sandwich bread. I was excited when they came in the mail and couldn't wait to try them out. When I opened the package I immediately recognized the sweet smell of coconut but they tasted more salty than sweet and had a nice chewy texture.

I served these with my tuna salad and watermelon and I thought it was delicious! I would definitely eat these with all kinds of fillings - vietnamese pickled veggies and shredded pork or chicken, eggs with avocado and salsa, or a turkey BLT would be really yummy.

Tuna Salad Wraps

This recipe makes enough for a week of lunches in my family. Sometimes I make it with salmon instead of tuna. This recipe is paleo and fodmap free if you eat the tuna with salad instead of the coconut wraps, which some people may react to.


Mix the tuna, pickles, half of the juice, celery, onions, and paleo mayo in bowl until everything is incorporated. Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper. Needs more tang? add pickles or more juice or even some lemon. More crunch? add celery or pickles. I grew up eating tuna with miracle whip and Doritos (gasp!), so I prefer my tuna a little sweet and tangy. Roll tuna like a burrito in the coconut wraps with the lettuce and avocado. Enjoy!


6 cans wild tuna
1 cup chopped pickles
up to 1/4 cup pickle juice
1 cup diced celery
3 green onions (tops only)
1 cup paleo mayo (or to taste. could substitute sour cream or yogurt too)
1 T lemon pepper (optional)
salt & pepper
coconut wraps
avocado (optional)

Kids verdict: No go.

While they were excited about them at first, after a couple of bites they lost interest. Too chewy and the flavor of the coconut was too strong. They prefer the tuna plain with rice crackers or as open face sandwiches with GF bread. For now that is going to work for us - I'm thankful they will eat fish for lunch! I've got bigger battles to fight right now and they feel fine with a few crackers and a piece of bread.

More wraps for me! When my hubby reintroduces coconut I think he will really like these too. I would also like to make an easy dessert crepe with them and some fresh berries for my next dinner party. Yum.

Kids Paleo Summer Update

Kids Paleo Summer Update

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