Paleo in Paradise

my story Jul 23, 2013

This summer we took our dream family vacation to Hawaii to regroup and it was everything we hoped it would be.  This time around we made a commitment to eat paleo for the entire two weeks and I'm proud to say that we did a great job.  It took some planning ahead - we stayed in places with a kitchen so I could prepare most of our meals,  I took pictures of some favorite easy recipes on my iPad to have with me, and we ate out at places we thought would be safe or where we could modify the menu to meet our needs (Japanese, Hawaiian, tacos, etc.).  Here are some of the things that we ate over the course of the trip.  You can see that we didn't feel deprived - in fact we had more energy than ever to pursue playing in the waves and snorkeling with sea turtles and paddle boarding and sprinting on the beaches at sunset and hiking on the lava and...well, you get the idea. Breakfast

I made a double batch of breakfast bars to have with scrambled eggs and bacon.  The best thing about eating in hawaii is the abundance of fresh avocados and tropical fruit, which took our usual breakfast to another level.


We usually grazed for lunch as we were hungry.  I made a batch of tuna for the kids to eat and we found some crackers made with almonds and seeds and a little rice flour.  For the adults I made a salad out of the leftovers from the night before, often with a honey mustard dressing.  The farmers markets on the big island are the best place to find local produce on the cheap, and the friendly owners of a stall in Pahoa introduced us to lychee - a memory we will never forget.


Ham with crackers and apples and lychee for lunch.


Tuna salad with pickles and celery, apples, and crackers.


Honey mustard salad with chicken and cucumbers and pineapple.


Apple chop salad with chicken and celery and green mango.

Snacks and Treats

We had plenty of fruit to snack on and make smoothies out of with coconut milk.  But some days we wanted a little more.  I modified the recipe for a paleo version of a monster cookie dough dip into coconut balls with chocolate chips with our leftover coconut flour that was quite filling (if not a little gritty).  We also made some of the vanilla bean tahini truffles and chocolate orange truffles from Practical Paleo.


Frozen raspberry torte with macadamia nut crust from Practical Paleo.


Bananas and raw cocao make a  great snack when you want something sweet or are craving chocolate.  The contrast of textures makes it super satisfying.


The first week we stopped at a Costco and picked up some chicken thighs, hamburgers, and fresh fish to grill.  The second week we did some more foraging and made salmon cakes and created our own huli chicken that was autoimmune friendly.  When we ate out, we would go to sushi restaurants (Sansei is our favorite with a ridiculously cheap happy hour), order grilled chicken or fish at local hawaiian food joints.  We had a great mahi mahi dinner wrapped in romaine at Kaleo's Bar & Grill.


Salmon cakes with salad with lemon-tahini dressing and grilled pineapples.  Recipes from Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo.


Fish tacos at the famous Coconuts. Yummy!


Grilled chicken thighs with zucchini and pineapple.


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