The Pattern of Discovering the Enneagram

enneagram Jun 24, 2020

I like how Brene described the experience of working with the Enneagram:

Stage 1 = Skepticism

At first, you aren’t so sure about this thing. You experience resistance to categorizing people into 9 groups, or to some magical insight from something like this.

Stage 2 = Mind Blown

You feel found out and exposed. How did they know that about me? 

Stage 3 = Reductive Fundamentalism

Everyone around me is a number. I create or enjoy memes poking fun at traits or reducing the wisdom to “How to decorate your living room if you are a 4!”. Some people stop at this phase, and that’s a bummer. ‘Cause it gets better.

Stage 4 = Enneagram as a tool for spiritual contemplation

Finally, you get insight into some unconscious behaviors that have separated you from yourself. And you can see a pathway to becoming more fully who you were created to be. 

Has this been your experience with the Enneagram?


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