The “Must Have” Cheat Sheet to Understanding the Enneagram Archetypes

The Enneagram map can help you understand yourself and the people in your life better, allowing you to live your life in a more anchored and compassionate way. I've created a simple and comprehensive cheat sheet to break it down for you and save you time and energy.

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Download the Cheat Sheet Now and Get the Details on the 9 Enneagram Archetypes, Including:

  • An explanation of the three centers of intelligence to help you understand the system at a high level. Balancing the three centers can help you be more present and feel grounded. 
  • Illustrations that explain how each archetype is related to others, showing the wings and arrows for each type.
  • Three dimensions of each archetype to help you better understand how they think, feel, and behave.
  • Identification of each type's primary motivation, to understand what we are all seeking in life and the fundamental needs of our archetype.
  • An aspirational statement for each type describing what they look like at their best.

Hey there! I'm Michelle... 

I am an Enneagram coach with a passion for helping others step into the bigger life they've always dreamed of.

I've studied the Enneagram for over a decade from many different teachers and am obsessed with distilling what I've learned so you don't have to read all of the books or attend workshops all over the world. (Unless you want to, of course!) 

As a mom and educator, I have experience navigating relationships and helping others through difficult situations or life transitions. I'm excited to share what I know so you can accelerate your growth and avoid common pitfalls.


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