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A lot of people feel stuck in a cycle of drama or a job that they hate. They dread going to work or dealing with a difficult person in their life.

I coach people to help them get clear on what they want in life and to understand what is holding them back. As we work together, the path forward becomes clearer - clients know how to get out of the box they’ve unknowingly put themselves into.

My clients feel empowered and confident in their ability to create the life of their dreams. That might look like a peaceful home, a job that lights them up, or a relationship that feels secure and passionate.

I'm Michelle

Certified Enneagram Coach + Online Educator

I have an MBA in Sustainable Systems and am a certified Enneagram in Business coach. I work with clients one-on-one, in group workshops, or through online courses. Please reach out if you'd like to work together.


9 Ways of Being

A handy cheat sheet that offers an introduction to the nine Enneagram archetypes.

Why Are They Doing That?

No one wants to linger in the confusion and hurt of relationship drama. This guide will help you see the hidden dynamics of relationship conflict using insight from the Enneagram. 

Enneagram Resources

My recommendations for getting started with the Enneagram, including which book to read first and which ones to turn to for your special situation.


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